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The Moon Has Come to Earth

Shall I compare thee to the moon?

Unable to shine yourself, you

Reflect the brilliance of others

And claim it as your own.


Cold and partial, the light beaming down from you

Splays on my sheets and across the hardwood floor,

Turning my lover's skin sallow,

And turning my heart sour.


But where the moon will wax and wane,

Your shadow remains

Wide enough to eclipse every

Well of joy from which I drink.


Though Luna be your name

I know you for another fame.

And though progression you may signify

To me you are anything but:


A cycle of despondency,

Masquerading as a beating heart,

Ready to raise me on a cresting wave

And dash me against the shore;


The rocky cliffs of your emotions,

Encircling a sea of false tranquility,

Invisible to me until

You push me tumbling down them;


A two-faced force

Claiming it is natural

To dictate my comings and goings

Simply because it thinks itself massive.


But size aside, you cannot try to wrench me

From the sand on which I lie.

I gravitate towards its infiniteness

More than I ever did your darkness.


-Alison Belle Bews (2015)

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